1. Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Training

Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Provide Excellent Customer Service To Passengers While Ensuring Their Comfort And Safety Throughout The Flight. This Course Prepares You For The Most Glamorous Profession In The Aviation Industry. The Course Is Designed To Gain Both: Theoretical and Practical Knowledge.

2. Air Ticketing Training

Fares & Ticketing Executives Take & Confirm Passenger’s Reservations For Transportation. You Will Also Issue Tickets and Answer Questions About Itineraries & Rates, Prepare Invoices Outlining Rates & Fees, & Accept Payment From Passengers.

3. International Airline & Travel Management Diploma

If You’re Looking For A Career In International Travel & Tourism, This Course Provides A Comprehensive Knowledge of Travel & Tourism Industry Along With Professional Skills. A Student Can Get The Highest Level of Knowledge To Understand The Airline and Travel-Tourism Industry.

4. Airport Ground Staff Diploma

As An Airline Ground Staff, You Will Be Responsible For Making Sure that Passengers and Their Luggage Safely Board The Right Aircraft At The Right Time. You Need To Give Passengers A Warm Welcome and Ensure A Positive Experience.

5. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma

The Tourism & Hospitality Industries In India Are Increasingly Emerging As Among The Key Contributors To The Economy. Tourism Constitutes About 6% Of India’s GDP And Employs More Than 40 Million People. So If You Have The Passion To Travel & Love Interacting With People, Then This Course Can Take You Places.

6. Airport Management Diploma

This Course Is Comprehensive And Offers Career Prospects In Many Segments Of Aviation, Right From The Executive Level To The Post Of Airport Manager. With This Program, Students Can Achieve Expertise In Airport Safety And Service, Fixed Base Operations, Airport Transportation, Catering, Service & Maintenance, Baggage Handling, Transport Scheduling & Much More.